Millet pasta tagliatelle tomato-rosemary 200g

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    A gluten-free tomato and rosemary flavoured tagliatelle pasta.

    Disclaimer: Be advised that for EU countries (except Hungary) we sell our products under the brand name: Mill & Folks.

    Eden Premium Millet Pasta is made from a high quality recipe. It is highly enjoyable as it tastes similar to traditional pasta. Its pleasant yellow colour is due to the addition of a touch of turmeric, which keeps its consistency even after cooking.

    The physiological effects of millet are wonderful. It is easy to digest, yet has a high nutritional value. Its high water-soluble fibre content can help to remove stagnant slag from the intestines, so it is also recommended for fasting. It can aid recovery from illness, help strengthen young children and is often recommended for pregnant mothers. It is recommended for nervous system problems and is said to slow down the ageing process. It strengthens the immune system as it is full of minerals. It can also beautify hair and strengthen nails. It can make teeth stronger and can also be beneficial for enamel.

    Plantain seed husks are also an ideal source of fibre for those who are sensitive to wheat. Plantain seed husks are completely natural and safe. It is used by hundreds of millions of people around the world every year. It is non-absorbed, non-irritating and non-addictive, making it suitable for continuous long-term use.

    It is gluten-free and can be consumed by people with celiac disease.

    Preparation suggestion:

    Place desired amount in boiling water, add a pinch of salt and cook on low for 2-4 minutes, strain and rinse with plenty of water. It can be eaten in the same way as traditional pasta.

    Suitable for: people sensitive to flour, people sensitive to eggs, people sensitive to lactose, people sensitive to soya

    Vegan, gluten-free, grain-free, grain-free, milk-free, egg-free, egg-free, soy-free, corn-free, potato-free, rice-free, preservative-free, cholesterol-free.

    Ingredients: water, millet flour, plantain seed coat flour, turmeric, tomato powder, ground rosemary

    Average nutritional value per 100 g of product
    Energy1635 kJ / 390 kcal
    Fat3,2 g
    -Of which saturated fatty acids0,6 g
    Carbohydrate75 g
    -of which sugars1,4 g
    Fibre8,9 g
    Protein11 g
    Salt0,02 g


    Storage: store in a dry, cool place out of sunlight!

    Made in a plant that produces gluten-free products.

    Allergen information: It is also made in a plant that processes nuts.

    Place of origin: Hungary

    Quality preserved: Until the date indicated on the packaging

    Net weight: 200 g

    The exact nutritional value of each raw material may vary from time to time due to changing climatic conditions and the different characteristics of the growing areas.We try to keep the information on our website up to date, but the back label value on the product is always the reference.

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